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To any guy who's tired of Tinder...
Imagine Using The Same Tool a Hooker Uses To Pick Up Rich Men, To Sleep With All The Women You Could Ever Want…Just By Pressing A Few Buttons On Your PHONE?

    Hey, my name is Dale Douglas. And In This Letter You're About To Read I'm Going to Show You... 

     A weird little ‘Sniper’ Trick that allows you to take virtually ANY girl… from any dating app… and make her HORNY for you on demand…
Follow the steps in the system allowing it to calibrate to your ‘targets ultimate desires’ … and within 30 seconds…
Her panties will be dripping wet…
her mouth will run dry..
and she will become 
obsessed with banging you!
It’s like SEXUAL NAPALM!!!
And it doesn’t matter WHAT you look like, I mean you could be…

This guy…

Or this guy…

Heck, If You REALLY 
Need To See Some Proof …

This guy…

And STILL get girls like this!

STILL be going out every night getting laid like a rockstar!
Rest my case? 

Alright then...

Now, I have to warn you this “Sniper Trick” involves using deeply manipulative
 psychological tactics…

So, if that worries you in any way, please LEAVE THIS PAGE…

Now, if you’re NOT afraid to use a scientific trick to get a woman into bed. I’ll show you how to use this trick to completely dominate a woman’s mind and if you really want?
And even though this might sound hard to believe now, once you read this whole letter and follow exactly what it says…

You’ll feel you have just found the key to ‘hacking’ into the panties of almost any woman on the planet!
You’ll finally have that hot chick in your office spread out on your desk…
Gushing with sexual desire…expressing how badly she wants you!
You’ll be so surprised when that girl who broke up with you…
(Yes the very same one you let “slip away” and never even had have sex with.)

Starts hitting you up again for booty calls at 3am because she feels she has to have you inside her… 
You’ll see the shock on your buddies faces when they see the hottest girl in club running up to you … kissing you and at the end of the night… begging to go back to your place!
And I Assure You, This
 “Sniper trick” Will Work On Any Girl With Any Dating App!
No matter what you look like… No matter how bad she might think of you right now…or whatever you may have done in the past
Even if you completely SUCK around girls. And get sweaty, nervous and nauseous at just the ‘thought’ of approaching a pretty woman right now…
And it’ll work even if you think you’re too old … have tried everything and have almost reached the point of ‘giving up’ on women altogether…
Sounds crazy right? 
You might be wondering... 

Who the heck I am to be making such bold statements and promises to you?

My names Dale Douglas, I’m from the UK and I’m a former I.T Engineer.

And just 3 years ago, I was a pathetic loser with women. Worse than you EVER could possibly be!

But I did manage to marry a woman… … who then decided to run off and leave me!

In fact, her last words to me were:

“You’re Going To Die …Alone.”

Nice huh?

Going through that break up left me devastated. I think the reason it hurt so bad was because I thought I’d never find another girl as good as her.

So, to make sure I’d never feel that way again, I vowed to crack the whole “dating game”, so I would always have options.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way!

I tried chasing girls in bars. And that was just humiliating...
The women I met were either complete psychos. Or they just didn’t like me for whatever reason.

You see, I wasn’t an expert on picking up women. I never really learned how to talk to women and how to attract them. I don’t study “seduction” or “pick-up”.

I ended up a regular at my local bar Mario’s. Where my desperate “girl chasing antics” caught the attention of a hooker named Clementine who worked outside…
Leaving the bar one night… 
I stumbled upon Clementine with this strange man in an alley way. He had her up against the wall grabbing her throat, squeezing her breath from her body with all his might!
She yelled. But wasn’t making much sound. Her legs where shaking frantically. And her desperate eyes gripped onto mine…

I knew I HAD to do something!

Now… I would love to say I ran over there and kicked the living crap out the guy. But I didn’t. 

However, I did manage to stop him choking her to death long enough for the bouncers to turn up (who taught him a lesson he’d NEVER forget!)

After that night, me and Clementine become sort of “weird-friends.”

I looked out for her. She looked out for me. That’s how it was. Until, one extremely drunken night…

When, after watching me crash out with dozens of different women and make a total ass of myself. 

Clementine called me over and said something that stunned me…

“Here… take my KIK.”

“Your what?”

“My KIK…Haven’t you got a phone?” She asked.

“Sure I do, but I’ve never 
heard of a KIK…”

Clementine rolled her eyes. And said. “My KIK name is Kandyluv. Download it now and add me to it." “This will help you, with the girls!” 

I Didn’t Realize It Then...

But that app was to be the first step to entering a Secret World of Online Sexual Encounters that would change my life … forever!

A few days later, I downloaded the App to my phone and “added her” as instructed.
This was my message:

"Hey Clementine… its Dale. From Mario’s Bar you remember? Why did you say this App will help me with women?”

She shot back…

“Because You Can Use
 This App To Get Girls You’d NEVER Normally 
Be Able To Get...”
She explained how this app let’s you access the underground sexual community on one of the world’s LARGEST social media sites.

She revealed how hookers used this app to contact their “clients” because it doesn’t store phone numbers.

I said, “that’s great and all. But how will this app help me find a girlfriend?”

It won’t.” She said."  Not on its own. Its just one piece of the puzzle.”

She explained…

“In my line of work more and more girls are now finding it easier to target guys online. Rich guys, you know…"
“We pick the type of guys we want, we find them through smartphone Apps, we send them the messages they like and BANG we get them. Its easy...We are like Snipers!” She laughed...
I was stunned.

Who would’ve thought that hookers knew so much about technology?

And who would’ve thought they’d be using it to locate clients?

But as she walked me through it. It made perfect sense.

And it soon occurred to me why couldn’t I use the same tools… but to attract women instead?
“Imagine Using The Same Tool a Hooker Uses To Pick Up Rich Men… To Sleep With All The Women You Could Ever WantJust By Pressing A Few Buttons On Your Phone?
Clementine showed me how to “tailor” my messages depending on which app you’re using. 

For example, she showed me that when you’re using social apps like FACEBOOK, people are naturally ‘suspicious’ of new friend requests. So, you need a well crafted REASON for contacting them…

… Other than saying, ‘Hey you look hot!’ 

You need to say something that gets them to ‘drop their guard’ and relax with you.

Clementine, showed me her “opening line ” and it was so simple…

It was just, “Hey (NAME)
 seems like we have 
a lot in common…”

That was literally ALL she would say…

Then, once he replied (and he’d ALWAYS reply!)

She’d quickly scroll down the guys profile to find ANYTHING they’d remotely have in common…

Did they like the same music? TV show? Book? 

She’d pick anything that she could talk about…

And then she’d say …

"Listen, this is gonna sound pretty “out there” but...

I’m looking to make some friends in the (whatever area) … and you seem kinda cool, any chance we could talk on Skype later on?" 

And that would be it. 

Oh, and she’d always send him a  picture of her along with the message to sorta ‘seal the deal’.

And once Clementine, got on Skype with the dude, it was almost always a wrap!

First, she’d start off talking normally about any random stuff for about 2 minutes…

Then she’d get around to what I called:   

“The Magic Sentence”…

And that’s when I’d really perk up and listen in. She’d say, 

"OK, Jack, Imagine I have magical powers, because I do…
… if there’s one thing I could use my magical powers to fix for you right now… what would you have me do?"

Usually, at this point, the guy would either start talking about a REAL problem in his life… or start dropping ‘not so subtle’ hints like… 
  • I’m not getting enough sex!
  • I can’t seem to meet the ‘right’ woman…
  • “My Wife doesn’t understand me…
No matter what ‘Problem’ he mentioned. Clementines closing line was ALWAYS the same…

“Oh that’s so terrible. You don’t deserve to go through that.  Listen, I don’t think my powers can solve that problem…

But there is something I can do for you…(in person) that’ll make you feel so good… that you’ll forget you ever had any problems at all… 

Would you like that?
 (The answer was always YES)
“I’ll think we’ll start with a 
hot FULL BODY massage.
Do you like massages?”

Again, the answer was
 always YES.

Finally, she’d give him the details, of where to go and what time. Sometimes they discussed price. Mostly they didn’t. And that was that… BANG!

It was effortless.  And, I mentioned to Clementine that I wanted to set up the same sorta system, but to use it to get women instead and asked if she would help me.
Luckily, she agreed!

She made me download every dating and social app available and even a few underground sex apps ‘not listed’ in the App Store and google play…

And together we 'cracked-the-code' on…
  • The ‘secret’ of spotting the woman most  likely to sleep with you on any ‘dating app’ even if you think she’s way outta you’re league…
  • Why pick up lines DON’T WORK on sites like Instagram and Facebook… and what to say instead…
  • Why LOOKS don’t matter. Because all girls really care about is HOW YOU MAKE THEM FEEL!
  • The 3 Easiest apps to use when you just wanna get laid FAST … have no problem sleeping older women … and are absolutely NOT looking for commitment!
  • What NEVER to say to younger women (never!) if she starts teasing you about your age… and what to say instead to “gain the upper hand”
  • How to subtly turn ‘strangers’ you meet on social sites like Facebook… into ‘sex fiends’ without them even realizing what you’re doing…
  • And better yet? Getting them to think that the idea of having sex was ALL HER IDEA!
And lots more…

I invested over 10’000 hours with my friend Clementine into MASTERING the process of seducing women through Smartphone apps.

It was not easy. It was tiresome. And at times? HEARTBREAKING!

But once I got the hang of it, I began hooking up with girls on DEMAND 3-4 dates at a time…Black girls. White Girls. Asian Girls. I wanted THEM ALL!

I set up Excel Spreadsheets and began keeping detailed notes of opening lines…conversation routines… all the words that created sexual tension.

The first girl I went home with I couldn’t do it. I was still too messed up from the divorce…

The next one was a total bust as well! 

But the third woman I hooked up with? I knocked it out the park!

Pretty soon I was pulling Perfect 10’s like water. From EVERY social network and dating & hook up App avaliable on your phone right now…

And even secret ones you’ve probably never heard of! Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder. It didn’t matter.

 I loved how each app had its own “rules” “groups” and its own secret sexual code. You know, I never truly BELIEVED that women loved sex as much as much as men. But oh, boy was I wrong!

I was banging girls in car parks… offices… stairways… getting “sloppy blow jobs” from young girls at college dorms…banging cougars in penthouses on kitchen tables!

Man, I was Moorish. Ravenous. An absolute addict. Every second I was on my smartphone. Hooking up with a new chick. I just didn’t give a crap!

It was like 15 years of sexual frustration and rage, just came exploding out.

Let me ask you something buddy…
  • Are you sick of having to jerk off every night?
  • Never feeling satisfied?
  • Always feeling horny…constantly yearning for what only a woman can give you?
  • Do you often find yourself feeling ANGRY at women for rejecting you? (Because I know I did!)
  • … ANGRY at the guys who treat great women like Jerks… because you know someone like you would treat them so much better?
  • Do you often get the feeling that you can’t trust telling anyone else how you feel … because they’ll either just laugh or won’t understand?
  • Be honest with me here... Has everything you've tried, so far with women fell flat on its face?
  • Have you failed at approaching women? Getting phone numbers? Flirting? Getting girls to BANG you after parties? (Even though so many men with half your talent seem to do it with ease?)
  • Do you often say yourself that you’re better off giving up on relationships altogether and just focussing on your career and making money instead?  (With the hope that “one day” when you’re rich and successful, she’ll finally notice you for the man you really are?
  • Because if you've ever felt like this at all, at any time…
  • Then I want you to KNOW, that I understand. And I want to tell you something else, and I mean this from the heart…
Listen, I know you’ve probably suspected that there are guys out there right now. Using their I-phone’s or android’s or other smartphones to GET LAID! 

But what you might NOT realize is that… These guys are not handsome. They’re not tall.  They’re not rich... 

They’re not even all that confident either!

They’re just ordinary guys using a secret formula I’ll reveal to you in a moment... 

"A Formula That Allows You To Use Your Phone To Locate, Target And Send “Ready-Made” Messages To Irresistibly-Hot-Wild And Super-Horny-Women…AT THE VERY MOMENT THEY DECIDE THEY

How is this even possible? I’ll explain in just a moment.  

Because the best thing about this formula?

 Is its so drop dead easy to use and only takes 5 minutes to set up.  Put it this way... if you can download Facebook & Instagram onto your phone right now, then you HAVE ENOUGH technical skill to get laid with this formula TONIGHT! 

So, after a few months of non-stop sex after using this ‘Sniper’ system. I began to calm down a little...

And I realized, I’d had better get this whole system written and recorded before I forget it.

So, I sat down at my laptop and boiled EVERYTHING I’d learned and discovered into A Simple Step-by-Step Manual Revealing...

How Any Average Regular Guy Could Use His Phone To Locate, Target & Bang Your Ideal Women.

Flicking through the finished file I felt a wave of satisfaction through my whole body…

My chest flushed with pride… I’d done it… with the help of my hooker friend Clementine, I’d done what no man had ever done before…
"A Secret Portal to a life of Unlimited Sex and choice with women using the Smartphone Apps on your phone"
A few weeks later I was walking down the boardwalk with my new girlfriend Pam…

And I walked by this boat and I heard something.


I turned around saw this older looking man with a sailor cap, standing on his boat waving at me…

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“Yes, well, maybe. Can I talk to you for a
 second, its important and umm … private.”

Sure”, I said.  I sent Pam to go get a couple of ice Creams and jumped aboard the old mans boat.

Soon as we were alone, he cracked the biggest smile I’d ever seen and said...

You dirty dog!” That’s the 5th hottie I’ve seen you with this week! “Listen, I’m Jim, and I don’t know what you do, but you’re not leaving this boat until you tell me what it is!”

He was funny. I liked Jim the second I met him.
But did I really want to
 reveal this secret?
I wasn’t sure at first. I’d put a lot of time into this…

Jim explained how he’d split with his wife for nearly 3 years and had struggled to meet women despite the fact that, judging from the boat he owned.. he was well off!

I asked him about that. And he said something I’ll never forget.

“Son… any girl money can bring you… aint’ worth having!”

So, right there and then, just like Clementine helped me…
I decided to help him.

It only took 10 minutes to walk Jim through the basics of the system. He didn’t want to meet lots of girls like me. He said…

“…At my time of life, I just want someone to enjoy life with!

“No worries.” I said.

The first thing I did was use The Effortless Profile Creator technique I’d discovered to take a picture of him that would make women find him irresistible.

This works for any guy even if you’re average looking like me. Then I walked him through the ‘Dream Girl Finder’ Exercise so we could know the perfect target we were aiming for to help us run our search.

Using our “Sniper Method” we hacked the dating apps and found the PERFECT woman for him.

She was 41. Blonde. Former model. Loved the outdoors. Seemed a perfect match. And I sent off the first message from my proven and tested "attention grabbers."

And man, I’ll tell you…

… It’s that same feeling that an expert marksmen must get when he lines up his target, takes the shot, and knows it’s a bullseye before it even hits the target!

She messaged him back straight away. And they got talking. Next, I showed Jim how to use the Sexual Smart Bomb techniques I discovered to make her become so horny for him she was like putty in his hands in no time!

The next day Jim called…

“You’re incredible Dale Thank you, I had the most amazing date last night… and it would NEVER have happened without you…

… listen, you need to do turn that system of yours into a product and sell it! It’s like the cure for cancer… it would be WRONG for you not too!”

He even put me in touch with a marketing guy, who offered to partner up with me to do all the promotional work and everything!

And then I guess Jim couldn’t keep a secret. Or maybe word was just beginning to spread from all the gorgeous women I was seen out with.

Because then my brother Frank called (who I hadn’t 
spoken to in years!) Saying how he’d finally bought his first I-phone and wanted to know if had any ‘…you know, “tips” for him?

Frank had been single for a long time. His problem was that was plain scared to even APPROACH a woman.

He used the Anti Rejection Armour technique I’d created when going on my first few “Smartphone Encounters".

The next day, he was finally able to seduce this girl he‘d been friends with on Facebook FOR YEARS but had never asked out and swept her off her feet completely! 

I think they’re engaged now or something. 

See, this Smart Phone Seduction system is great for men like me who’re not especially great ‘talkers’.

Perfect for men who tend to be quite shy. Because with this system 99% of all the work you do happens BEFORE you even speak on the phone.

I first shared the system to a few single guys on my Facebook page… and the response was TREMENDOUS!

And then, things got a little crazy.

People started calling me the iPhone Love Doctor, and the Android Love Master and I became somewhat of a “local celebrity” in my area.

Friends, family… 21 year old guys and even 70 year old recent divorcees started to use my techniques. Raving about how easy and fast it was to get almost ANY girl you want with your phone.

From anywhere in the world any time you want with a step-by-step method that’s guaranteed to work almost every single time!

Somewhere along the line what I was teaching all these guys got the name:


And it kind of stuck, because that’s what it is:
"The secret dating app HACK you can use to locate, target and bang your DREAM WOMEN
… just by tapping a few
 buttons on your phone!"
Which brings us to now…

And brings us to you learning Sniper Seduction too!

I’m about to unlock this door for you, but first there’s something I desperately need you to understand about seducing women through your phone like this…

Because once you see the ABUNDANCE of women on their iPhones and Android devices right now looking for sneaky-secret ‘sex’ on the side...

… that they hope their friends, husbands, or boyfriends will never find out about you will be SHOCKED!
Here’s just a tiny sample of the secrets you’re going to learn and the amazing results you’re going to get when you get the ‘Sniper Seduction’ program today…


This weird 6 Step “Sexual-Brain-Scan” compiled by a rare study of 15,000 men, taps into your darkest sexual AND heart-centred desires to reveal your dream woman to you…
(a woman guaranteed to satisfy ALL your most FILTHY desires— yes even the seriously ‘freaky’ ones you won’t admit in public) … in less than 60 seconds flat!
Not looking for commitment? Just wanna sleep around? You’ll get your personal pair of…


Use these Virtual Googles to find all the hot, horny women out there (living near you!) who “just want to have fun”. I don’t just mean young women either! There’s thousands of smoking HOT older (read: verrry sexually skilled) women absolutely gagging for what’s inside
 your pants right now. In my opinion? Every man should sleep with an older woman at LEAST once… MIND. BLOWING!
Next, you’ll discover
 the secrets of the…


And how to trigger an OVERLOAD of sexual desire in a woman’s mind, just by typing these “3 phrases” into your conversations. … Talk to any woman for a couple of days, (dropping-in these ‘Smart bombs’ as much as possible”) … and get ready for her to do ANYTHING she can to bang you… right then and there!
Do you ever get “stuck” 
with what to say to women?


Removes this stress from your mind with these ready-made “fill-in-the-blanks” conversation routines (taken from world’s most notorious womanizers) …soon as these words leave your mouth, she’ll laugh, then, she she'll get a little annoyed… finally she'll gasp and say… “I’ve never felt a connection with a man like this before!” That's when she’ll BEG you to bang like wild animals right there on the floor! It happens the same way. Every. Single. Time!
What if you think the girl you want has a Boyfriend?


How to secretly find out if she's dating another guy, and if so, how to plant the seeds of mistrust… so she starts to see YOU as his replacement. (Sneaky!)

Do you struggle to come up with good first date ideas?


Ensures you have 10 low cost (and some free) first date ideas that allow you to have a great time with a woman, find out what she’s all about … and amplify her desires for you, so you can even make her fall in love with you, if you want?
Hate rejection? Some men are so afraid of rejection that they would rather run through a minefield than walk up to a woman. But you won’t have to worry about “rejection” anymore as you’ll have…


Every notorious seducer, womaniser, or ladies man has one thing in common, and that’s zero fear of rejection. You are going to get one simple exercise that instantly crushes your fear forever...
banishes your self doubt and gives you total ‘command’ of a woman’s emotions so you can effortlessly turn her No’s’ into ‘Yes’s’ and almost make her do whatever you want, whenever you want! What’s more?
She will LOVE you for it!
You’ll also get…


Use this ‘sneaky trick’ and you'll go from "stuck in the facebook-friend-zone” to "stuck in your friends bedroom crashing her headboards
You’ll also discover how to smoothly transition your new “friends with benefits” friendship into a REAL relationship if that’s what you really want!
Next, I'll show you how to get any woman incredibly jealous, so she competes for you attention and doesn't stop until you’re inside her
This is perfect for when you’ve got your “sights” locked on a couple of really HOT chicks and don't mind creating…


Which is great because the whole time she's fighting for your attention she’s creating a synergistic ‘Snowball Effect’ that causes other women to want you!
And lots more!

 At this point you might be thinking this sounds pretty amazing, but why should you believe me?

As I said before, I know what its like to be smart. To have a good heart, to have a LOT to offer a woman and to feel lonely?

I know what its like to see all your friends in relationships and secretly wish it was YOU… with that girl!

And this is why I created the Sniper Seduction System, the ONLY program in the world...

That teaches you how to locate, target and BANG your DREAM WOMEN simply by pressing a few buttons on the smartphone you have in your pocket right now...

And after months and months of work, testing this stuff in my own life, giving it to men from 18 to 80 and hearing their amazing, passionate, raving reviews
Here We Are at The Peak of Success And I’ve Helped So Many Others Get Such Amazing Results…
Helping guys like you, who’d formerly spent their lives always being friends” with women.

 Always getting close to women. 

Always being told how “sweet” and caring they are… only to end up time and time again in… FRIEND ZONE HELL!

These are types are guys who’re now using this system and enjoying having MULTIPLE women blowing up their phone offering them booty calls at 2 am! 

Just like...
Sebastian V…

"Dale, this is awesome. Really simple, smart, and quite cheeky. I love that you're taking stuff that works and leaving out the crap that doesn't work! If you're thinking about sorting out your dating life, check out Dale’s course!”
Malcom who says...

“I stumbled onto your site a few nights ago and thought it was total bullshit. I’m would’ve never believed a 49 Year old man like me could pick up chicks like rockstar… but I am! I met my first girl off Tinder last night and she was HOT!”
John who says

“It’s like being James Bond, you just select the women you want…press a few buttons… and BANG within a matter of minutes you have hot women ready to shag you!”
Or ...
Cory,  who used one of my 4 MOST POWERFUL opening lines which you'll also get...  who says…
And even world renowned dating expert Bobby Rio who says

Highly Recommend...

“When it comes to seducing women with smart phone apps like Tinder.. Facebook and Instagram …Dale is a natural. More than that though, he’s one of those rare ‘doers’ who are also great teachers. I’ve interviewed him on the topic and his gift for understanding the principles of ethical honest seduction and caring about people is evident. His value as a coach is enormous. I highly recommend him to all my students who want to attract more women with the power of their phone… 
And there’s LOTS more testimonials I could show you!

Owning Sniper Seduction is just like having me right there next to you, guiding your every move.  Telling you EXACTLY what to say to get your dream girls into bed using the freely avaliable smartphone apps on your phone.

It really doesn’t get any easier to get laid than following this simple system as you’re about to see…
So Are You Ready?
  • Are you ready to own the power of being able to automatically attract desirable women… even your dream lover… without even talking to her?
  • Are you in a relationship where your “needs” are not being met? And would like to get them taken care of discreetly without harming your current relationship?
  • Are you a man, just out of a relationship who has no clue about how to "get back in the dating game" and is worried about competition from younger men? 
How much is it worth to you to wake up every morning, excited about your day?

knowing there are hordes of women who can’t wait to see you because just “being in your presence” will “make their day?”

How much is it worth to you to live out every single “male fantasy” you’ve ever had?

Imagine going on business trips having already lined up dates with 3 or 4 desirable, “joyfully willing” women who can’t wait to please YOU?

How much is it worth to you to find meet that special, perfect woman for a lifetime relationship and make her addicted to you forever?
What would it be WORTH to you to be able to have all this?
Look. I don’t want to bring you down here...

 I see so many men in misery everyday, because they’re trying to play the dating game all wrong!

They read stuff online, spend hundreds of dollars on courses and seminars that DO NOTHING to help them get laid with even one woman.

Or… who waste so much money on dating sites and fancy clothes… and gym memberships.  But who just don’t understand that there is a Secret World of Women just waiting for them. Which you can easily access using the smartphone in your pocket.

So think about that for a second. Keeping that solid in your head…

If you’re being completely honest, I bet you’d say that $297 or more would be totally fair for access to a life of unlimited sex forever…

(Heck… I bet you’d think that was cheap to never have to spend another Saturday night with a porn video and kleenex again! )

But I know what its like to be dead broke and looking for an escape hatch. 

I know that even when you want something so much and know it’s a TOTAL steal at the price you’re paying...

As a man, sometimes you tell yourself you can’t justify giving yourself what you need.
Which is why I’m going to do something kind of risky here…
Not a risk to you…

But a BIG risk to me!

Lets face it… personal consulting in my line of work is not cheap. 

Believe me, I know

Word spread so fast about my smartphone Seduction system, I’ve had dozens of guys BEG ME for personal coaching at $1000 an hour.

But don’t worry, to reward you for reading this letter to the very end, you’re not going to pay anywhere NEAR that.

You see, my mission in life is to give regular men like you and me POWER.

And if I have to take a hit to my pocketbook to accomplish that mission?

That’s just the way it is… If my story resonates with you then I feel like you and I have a lot in common.

 I feel like we’re Brothers in Arms.

So, because you’ve given me some of your precious time, you’re not going to pay $297.

For you, I’m setting the price of “Sniper Seduction System” just one single payment of $97.

And if you take action right now, I’ll give you a whopping 50% off…

Simply click the button below and you’ll get the complete program for the discounted price of…

Just $47 !!

I know what it’s like to hesitate, ‘dilly-dally’ and “Think about it”. 

But my “marketing guy” is telling me that I simply CAN’T sell a system this robust and this powerful for $47.

He’s demanding that I eliminate the discount because we just give too much for $47.

If you’re still seeing this page it means he hasn’t forced me to cancel the discount yet.

But please, if you come back in a few hours or tomorrow and you can’t get the discount anymore.

Once you’ve realized that $47 is a drop in the ocean compared to the hundreds you pay for expensive drinks, clothes, haircuts and monthly fees for online dating sites.

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Imagine being able to pull hot, stunning, intelligent girls out of bars when they're out with their friends. (Even if they're talking to even hotter guys than you!) 

I LOVE doing that…Jerks HATE ME!

… but their fancy clothes, expensive salon hair-dos, perfect tans and leased cars are no match for me!

 As soon as I unleash the “Sniper Seduction Formula” on the woman they were just hitting on…

It’s only a matter of time before she’s MINE. And the Jerk can’t figure out what’s going on, why their stupid “jerk talk” no longer works.

Why she can’t keep off her phone. And they’re too brain dead to figure out what just happened… why SHE’s now with ME!
And best of all?  
You do this ALL from your Smartphone…
No approaching. 
No bitchy friends. 
No awkwardness.
Just the women you want…ON DEMAND!

So, ask yourself how much would meeting your ideal woman be worth to you?

 The sex?
 The love? 
The cooking? 
The caring?

Maybe you’ll meet the future mother of your kids? 
Or your wife?

Because let’s be real here

Almost every man goes through a ‘phase’ where they just want to ‘sample’ as much women as possible!

And there’s NOTHING wrong with that. Sniper Seduction will help you do that, and then some!

And what’s also true… is that every man secretly yearns for one really good woman...

A really special woman that fulfils your needs, owns your heart. A woman you can trust with your life. 

A woman who’d be willing to walk on broken glass… to see you become the man you were born to be!

And, I’m happy to say, that last year…I used this system to find that woman.  My queen  And here she is >>>

The love of my life.  Who’s recently agreed to be my wife…And guess what?
Man, you just cannot put a price on that. So, this is why I feel I have the greatest job in the world!

Because I’d like to help YOU find the love of your life.

And hey, maybe that means you’ll have to get with A LOT of women first along the way to find her… If so, so be it!

 But hey, in my eyes, its the ONLY journey worth taking in this life. So, let’s do this. Let’s get you your dream woman (or LOTS of dream women!

Click the order now button right now to get started.

And listen, if you don’t think the program is worth at least DOUBLE what you’re paying today, just contact my customer service at [email protected]

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Why Am I Being So Generous?

Because I want this for you. And if I have to put myself out there a bit to help you?

 I’ll gladly do just that…

And all you have to do is click the button below
Listen, if you want some fancy intellectual explanation about “the psychology of women” in lots of unpronounceable words then this is NOT  for you.

As you can tell I speak straight from the heart. And I’ll give you the 100% unvarnished truth about how to get your ideal women…in the fastest time possible - just by pressing a few buttons on your phone!

Because I don’t want you to suffer like I did. And become a lonely, desperate laughing stock! 

OK, if you haven’t already enrolled by now. Let me do one more thing to “bring you over to the dark side”.

 I want to make this easy for you.

 I want you to feel all the way deep in your bones that you’re getting an incredible deal that you can be proud of…
That’s why I’ve got 3 very special gifts for you just for saying YES to Sniper Seduction today…
First, I’ll give you my…


A step-by-step guide to make any woman so comfortable with you, that they drop their inhibitions… and ride you with unbridled passion!

This allows you to live out your wildest fantasies (or craziest fetish) with any woman you want.
Your 2nd Gift is called…


Listen to this incredible audio program before you hit the road and it will instantly breakthrough and eliminate any last minute Shyness, Nervousness And Fear…

Your 3rd gift is something a bit controversial


Shows you a word-for-word copy-and paste profile so powerful it causes women to chase you on DEMAND!

WARNING: the owners of those sites HATE ME for sharing this. They will hate you too when they see all the girls you’re getting. But hey, screw em!
And guess what? If you’re NOT 100% happy with the women you meet, seduce and sleep with from using Sniper Seduction…
I’ll not only give you back every penny, but I'll ALSO let you KEEP the whole Sniper Seduction program AND these 3 gifts for FREE FOREVER.

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With your special discount you’ll get the complete “Sniper Seduction” program for just $47.

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My customers say these bonuses are so good they should sell for $97 each!

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Pay your discounted enrolment fee… Go through the program. Use these tested and proven techniques.

Feel what’s its like to have a hot selection of women ready to make your sexual desires come true at the touch of a button.

Experience how much FUN you can have with different women with so little effort and without spending a single dime.

Feel a level of power, respect and confidence that makes you feel like the man you’ve always wanted to be when it comes to women…
You’re going to be amazed
at the change in your life
once you learn this…
How all your friends look at you differently. How girls who “never took you seriously” find themselves ignoring those Johnny GQ jerks with their leased luxury cars and want YOU instead!

If you’re like most men you’re going to have a hard time wiping the goofy smile off your face… 

And you’re probably going to want to stock up on a lot of condoms and get your bed reinforced! 

OK, it’s time to take action.

Only One Of Two Things Can Happen Right Now:

Either we'll go on from here together, or you'll go it alone.

Either you'll join me and dive into this Secret World with me and meet the woman of your dreams.

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Or you'll continue to settle for your life, as it is, right now. The decision is completely in your hands.

I wish I could take the next step for you. But I can’t. It's up to you.

I urge you: Don't suffer lonely night after lonely night, when you be cuddling with a beautiful woman right now.

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And totally worth it, even if you meet just ONE amazing girl. Tonight is the night. And this is the big moment!

What are you going to do?

To getting you the women you deserve...

Your friend,

Dale Douglas
In the time you spend thinking 
about if Sniper Seduction is right for you...
You could have found your dream girl... made her HORNY for you, and be arranging how to get to her
 place right now! 
 Q: After I’ve invested in this system, how long will it take until I get access to the Sniper Seduction Program?

A: As I mentioned before, you’ll get immediate access to the program as soon as you’ve completed your order.

The checkout page is completely secure and confidential, and once you leave it you will go to an exclusive members only area where you can view, download or print everything.

Q: I don’t want a long term relationship right now… I want to be a “playa” a “pickup artist” and meet lots of women to have fun with. Will your system teach me to do that?

A: Yes, but in a very responsible way. See, the truth is, there are lots of women out there who “just want to have fun” too. And not just young women…

many older women have fought the relationship wars and they just want to have fun right now.

Q: Will Your Program Work If I’m Ugly?

A:  Yes, let me explain... see, when I first created this program, once of my biggest challenges was “how to overcome the purely VISUAL aspect of dating apps…

I mean… How the heck do you pick up women on photo based apps like Instagram or Tinder if you’re not what most would describe as ‘good looking?  

And the answer to that was quite simply… to take 
 better looking pictures!

Think about it… Women have been doing it to “trick” us guys into bed for years!

Let me ask you: have you ever hooked up with a woman you met on a dating app … only to discover she wasn’t quite as hot as she looked in her pictures?

Most guys probably have, right?

Now , let me ask you this… 

If you’re like most guys… you probably DID, right?

Why?  Because the the sexual desire was already built from your online chats.

You already knew, before you even met in person… exactly what was going to go down.
 And guess what? 

So did she!

So, you don’t need to be super handsome to get laid using smartphone apps, but you DO need pictures that look good ‘enough’ to get a woman to respond…

The good news is, I developed a HACK for that too!

I discovered a certain FILTER you can add to your profile pictures on Instagram that INSTANTLY helps you get up to 40% more matches using apps like Tinder - which I’ll show you in the program.

You see, this is the power of using your Smartphone to get laid.  You get to CONTROL her first impressions of you. 

In this program you’ll be given the EXACT words to use words that create a direct line into the sexual centre of the female brain. 

Triggering raw "animalistic" desire and making her so horny... she'll have no other choice but to be uncontrollably attracted to you!

Look I’m putting my money where my mouth is here.

 If you don’t see unbelievable results from using just ONE technique In the Sniper Seduction System I’ll fully refund you.

Look, you don’t even need to decide if this is right for you now.

You’ve got 60 days to make up your own mind. Just get your foot in the door and make up your mind after!

Q: Can Your Program Help Me Find A Wife?

A: Of course, right now I’m here to tell you there are some amazing women using Smartphone Dating & Social apps that you’d probably never meet in person.

And to be blunt with you, most guys using those apps right now have no clue. But this helps you out big time…
because when you know what to say and do on those apps (and what NOT to say and do), then you’re the proverbial one-eyed man walking in the world of the blind!

In my system I teach you step by step, piece-by-piece how to use the world’s most popular smartphone apps to find desirable women, how to trigger their core sexual emotions that get them to become insanely attracted to you!
And YES, you can meet a great woman online for a long term relationship… or a wife. Easily!

Honestly, there are literally tens of thousands of lonely, beautiful, professional women,  who are using Dating Apps and Social Media to “hook up” for sex, dates and relationships. 

 Simply because their daily, hectic lives don’t put them in a position to meet men.

And they would all love to meet a guy who will talk to them in the way they want to be talked to…

… and make them feel the things they dream about feeling. (which is exactly how you’ll know how to do in this program!)

So right now, I know you probably already have a woman in MIND who you want to use this dating app 
hack on.

That one girl you’ve often wanted and imagined yourself with…YOUR PERFECT TARGET!
What does she look like? 
How is her body?
How much do you want her?

Now ask yourself honestly…

Are you willing to 
Look, whether you invest in my system or not is not going to change my life one bit… but it just might change yours… A LOT.

All you have to do is take the first step, and seize the opportunity I’ve given you.

Just click on the order button below for a lifetime of unlimited power, success, and choice with women.

Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. If “Sniper Seduction” isn’t everything I say it is and so MUCH more just send an email to my support staff in the next 60 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

No BS, no questions asked, no hoops to jump through. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply let us know and you’ll get every dime back as quickly as the banks will let us process the transaction.

I don’t want to put pressure on you, but if you’re even a little tempted (or just curious!) you need to grab this offer while you still can.

My “Marketing Guy” has been putting a TON of pressure on me to raise the price of Sniper Seduction and wants me to stop giving away all the bonus gifts for free.

I’m fighting as hard as I can to keep the enrolment price as low as I can, but with how popular Sniper Seduction has become and with the astonishing success stories we’ve been getting he’s convinced that we should be charging at least DOUBLE what we are now…

Listen: This program works. 

And this is definitely not “a walk up to a woman only to embarrass yourself program!”

This is Sniper Precision from the safety and distance of your phone.

No matter how shy you are, this WILL WORK for you.

I poured my heart and soul into this material and besides my children, it’s the thing in this life that I’m the proudest of. 

I want you to experience what it’s like to have this amazing power with women. I’ve done everything I can to make this the easiest decision of your life.

Just click the “Add To Cart” button and you’ll have access to the complete Sniper Seduction program and can start USING it less than two minutes from right now.
I personally promise you’ll be happy you did. Again, I’m Dale Douglas and I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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